Network Installation

Networking Simplified

Whether you want to share a printer or an internet connection, Cyber Way can help you get the most out of your computer resources. For home or business, we’ll setup your customized network from scratch, from cable installations, to network cards, to hardware device setups – we do it all!

Because all our services are completely consultative, we offer the most competitive pricing in order to suit your requirements and your budget. From setting up a server room for a large office environment or a Wi-Fi setup for your home, with Cyber Way you’re covered.

With our skilled and affordable team of professional, we can help you with implementing and maintaining your network. From Firewalls, file and back-up servers, to mail servers, we offer it all.

Why Networking?

Budget Managing

The main benefit of a network is its sharing properties. It allows you to share files, printers, Internet connections and more! This allows budget cutting, due to the fact the less hardware is necessary to operate your business. It will help reduce the risks and costs of your business.

Improved Productivity

It allows improved communication and response time thus increasing internal productivity.

Data Protection

A Proper network system will offer security measures as well as data backups for your entire operation.

Networking Services

We offer an entire range of network services and installations including the following:

Different Networks

  1. Cabled Ethernet
  2. Ethernet over power
  3. Wireless
  4. Complete Server Room setup

Structured Cabling

  1. Installation and termination services for Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6a copper infrastructure.

Network Hardware

  1. Installation and configuration services for switches and routers.
  2. Installation and configuration services for firewall and other security appliances.
  3. Installation and configuration services for Wireless networks.
  4. Installation and configuration services for IP CCTV systems.

Operating Systems

We are focused on implementing network solutions around Microsoft platforms including:

    1. Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
    2. Windows Vista Operating Systems
    3. Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and Small Business Server 2003
    4. Windows XP
    5. Windows 7

Price list

We charge R350.00 per network point installation this excludes the actual network cable and components. For large network installation additional project management can be assigned at R450.00 per hour. First onsite meeting and quotation is for free.

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